Stix n Stones Hair Sticks

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The beauty of a hair sticks lies in it's function. First a secure bun, french roll or variations of each need to be created and then a hair stick is used, in seconds, to lock the hairstyle in place with the age old method, the 'Up Scoop and Down'.

Together with it's function, it's promotion of healthy hair and it's ability to provide us with self expression, the hair stick is one of womankinds most timeless, treasured hair asseccories with it's journey begining alongside human kinds own journey.

Stix n Stones is an earthy little company tucked into the Rocky Mountains foothills of Alberta. I was one and now we are three artists, each with our own set of skills and interests , producing seven different lines of highly functioning, durable , very very pretty hair sticks. The beauty element of our hairsticks is derived from unique combinations of precious and semi-precious gems , shells, handmade silver findings and a free spirited approach to incorporating those onto a hairstick.

How can one company only make one type of hair stick when women have so many different styles and shapes themselves. Stix n Stones proudly presents our unique little crew and our many different types of hair sticks...

Sarah Jane




Eldon John

Please email us at with your location and we will send you a list of retail outlets and shows closest to you to purchase a Stix n Stones hairstick.